Highest Paying URL Shortners With upto $20 CPM Rate

Creating a blog needs alot of investment.This is where URL / Link Shortners can help you make some Easy Money from the traffic coming to your website.Being a blogger myself I know how difficult it is to keep the blog in the early stage. As when I started there was traffic on my blog but not sufficient to get withdrawl through any leading ad publishers like adsense.

So at that time URL shortners like Adfly , Sh.st were really popular and was paying upto $1 oer 1000views. But as the time passed many new Shortners started growing and now there are some shortners which pay upto $20 per 1000views.

What are URL Shortners?

Url shortners refer to the sites where you add the link to short it in size so users dont have to see the complete Link of your site and it also helps you to be safe your site from getting ban due to Spamming. One of the exampple of url Shortner is Bit.ly .

How to Use Link Shortners to Earn Money?

There are many shortners with which you can short your site links and genrate revenue when people will successfuully open that link on their browser. For Example website like Earn2X.com short links and when somebody visits that link it shows some ads on that page and make user watch them for about 20seconds after which they can go to the link which they expected to open from your site.

Traffic from sites which hosts movie links,Pirated softwares or downloadable content on which use of adsense is banned can also use the Link shorner to Earn some bucks.

List of Highest Paying URL Shortners in 2018

Shortner  Description  Link  CPM    Rating Verified
1) Shorte.st  Most lovable URL shortner for earning. It is easy to use and not much a problem for Users to access the link which is also the reason it pays less than many other shortners Sh.st $5-$15 6/10 yes
2) Oke.io  It is the fastest growing link shortner among the users who want to earn money from their blogs. It pays good amount but sometimes can be incapable of reading all the visitors sent through it. Oke.io  $10-$20 8/10 yes
3)Earn2.com This shortner is new in the market but is getting really popular among the bloggers and other users who want to earn money bu shortening links. Best thing is it uses adsense on the shortened links helping it to give users better revenue than the most other shortners Earn2x.com $20-$30 9/10 yes
4)Adf.ly One of the first to start url shortner service. Adf.ly $5-$10 7/10 yes
Published on: 10/1/18, 7:19 AM